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History Repeats Itself

in 1936 Germany hosted the Olympics headed by an ambitious leader with plans for regional if not world domination. Three years later Germany annexed part of Czechoslovakia. The excuse was that they were ‘protecting’ German interests and German speakers in the country. The League of Nations was unable to act in any meaningful way. Other world powers, weakened by a global economic collapse, were unable or unwilling to act in any meaningful way to stop them.

Inspired by this Germany pressed on in the first act of the greatest tragedy in modern history, WWII.

In 2014 Russia hosted the Olympics headed by an ambitious leader with plans for regional if not world domination. Less than a week later Russia is annexing part of Ukraine with plans for the rest. The excuse is to ‘protect’ Russian interests and Russian speakers in the country. The UN is unable to act in any meaningful way. Other world powers, weakened by a global economic collapse are unable or unwilling to act in any meaningful way to stop them. 

Is this the first act in another great tragedy? Is history repeating itself? 

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The Ukranian Revolution




It’s been going on for months, but the build up has been going for YEARS. There are protests, and there…

The most important thing to remember is that the Olympics start in less than two weeks. Why is that important? Because Putin used the distraction of the Beijing Olympics to invade Georgia. It is quite possible that he may do it again. It very likely this will end up like Hungary ‘56 or Czechoslovakia ‘68 all over again. With the press looking at what’s going on in Sochi, who’s wearing what, and how spectacular the ceremonies are, most news outlets in the west won’t notice or bother to report if Russia sends a few thousand soldiers over the border to “assist their ally”. 

Go to the original for pictures and a more detailed description of what’s happening in the Ukraine. It’s a mess now and could become a bloodbath in a couple of weeks.

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Comments Break

I think I’m going to stop commenting. Not here, Tumblr is a great place. No, I’m talking about article comments on the CBC,BBC, and other news sites. I’m going to stop reading them and stop adding to them for a while. The reason is simple
The stupidity has reached toxic levels
Maybe it’s the guy that declared that the typhoon that hit the Phillippines today “proved the scientists were all lying about global warming”. Maybe it was the American that said his extreme right wing tea party candidate lost because “he was really a plant for Obama”. Maybe it’s because I’ve just had it with grammar nazi’s that get off on ranting about someone’s obscure third person possessive verb use. Maybe it was the guy that took me to task for my political views yesterday. I posted a position and he replied with “why do all you Marxists (which I’m not) want to … and then accused me of the very things i had just said i did not want. Whatever the reason, I just don’t want to deal with it any more.
The stupidity has reached a toxic level.

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I think something changed in me

You go through life and some things are important. Some things you care about. Some things make you angry. Some things are worth arguing about. Some things prompt you to write long essays trying to explain your reasoning to convince people of your opinion. Some things make you go to protests, and yell and stomp, and scream. I used to be one of those active on the web and in politics. I’d protest, and post, and blog, and argue, and debate.

Then something happens, like cancer.

You know, now I just don’t give a fuck about iOS or Android, or Win8, or what happens in Syria or who wins a debate among politicians. I could not care less if you’re buying one of the new iPhone5c/s or a Nexus or even a WinPhone. Use what you want. Buy what you want. I don’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit about the Sochi Olympics, or Iran’s nukes, or Boko Harum in Nigeria, or Chinese dissidents, or the Australian election results.

Somehow, now that I’m back home after they removed the chunk of my gut that was trying to kill me, I just don’t see any of that as important. 

What is important now? 

Waking up and hearing the rain. Nutella on toast in the morning. The 6 tomatoes I picked from the garden today. Birds. Skyping with my family over the weekend. My aunt’s potato garlic soup.

Sitting quietly in the living room with my wife. 

Taking a breath and knowing there will be another one in a few seconds.

Listening to my pulse and knowing I’ll be around for a while.

Really nothing else is important any more.

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It’s Finally Over, But…

In the US almost half voted for

Someone who made a fortune sending jobs overseas in the hope he would make the US economy stronger.

Someone who opposed equality for women, LGBT, and minorities in the hope he would make them freer.

Someone that talked about bombing and even invading Iran in the hope he would make the world more peaceful.

The US has bigger problems than who sits in the White House.

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A Fictitious Conversation

So I’m sitting at my desk. A co worker walks into my office

"Say did you see the debate last night?" he starts. "Boy wasn’t that…"

I cut him off

"I did not watch the debates. They are nothing more than political posturing."

"But Romney…"

"No." I say firmly. "The debates do for the political process what beauty pageants do for women’s rights. They are a stupid and debasing exercises. They are not actual debates. The candidates just recite talking points to previously screened questions. Then the result is "judged" by people who profit from keeping the election in question regardless of the consequences for the country. I have already made up my mind and mailed my ballot in. I will not discuss politics. I certainly will not discuss politics as if it were a football match."

"Um, OK. Well then uh, how do you think the Canucks will do this season?"

"The NHL is on strike."

"Oh, right."

Unfortunately I’m too polite to do this. But it would feel GOOD.

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OK, now that the conventions are over we can hope that the political season is winding down. It isn’t but we can hope at least. Here’s a video I did that pretty much covers my, albeit cynical, view on American politics. It’s called Don’t Make Me Run. 

(Note, the web link at the end is a fake.)

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We slave away in workshops while the rich get richer.

Government and corporations talk austerity and push through salary cuts and interest rises while the rich get richer.

Countries run unsustainable deficits and debts in a drive to make the rich richer.

The rich get elected promising to help people, but end up just helping themselves so the rich get richer.

Our children are sent off to wars to die for oil and other resources so the rich get richer.

The environment is sacrificed so the rich get richer

Medicine is made expensive and hard to get. People get sick and even die so the rich get richer.

The news slants everything, even lies to help the rich get richer

Treaties are signed to “encourage free trade” but all they do is let jobs be sent to places that pay less so the rich get richer.

The people are starving, the education system is starving, research is starving, infrastructure is starving, essential services are starving, the country is starving. Yet the rich who can afford education, food, medicine, and their own essential services get richer.

The European and US economies are in the tank. Do the rich try to help? To pay society back for some of what the western world gave them? Hell no. That would interrupt the rich getting richer.

The rich and their corporations are looking to the third world as “the new market”. Fuck the US, they just want somewhere new that will buy stuff so the rich can keep getting richer.

If you don’t think there is a class war going on, you’ve lost.

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